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It doesn't really matter why you're here, I'm just glad you found the site. 


About the Author:

That would be me, I'm Ron Gabriel the author of this website, I consider myself a close friend of the groom, in fact I have been bestowed the honour of being the "best man" for this wedding, web design is what I like to do therefore I was inspired to create this website. The idea for this site came to me one night while I was half asleep at work. But before I get to that, I guess I'll have to start from the very beginning so you can understand the whole point of this website


I met Adam & Daniela when Adam and I were working at Chilli's Restaurant back in 1996 or 97 can't be sure on the exact year but that's close enough. He was just starting out as one of back of house staff and I had the unfortunate duty of having to train him on that shift. I had only been there a few months myself so it was "blind leading the blind". He picked everything up easy enough and it wasn't until a work function that we actually started hanging out. So I guess that would be the simplest way to explain how Adam and I became good mates over the years gone by, I would disappear for a couple of years but always knew where he was and how to get in contact with him. We spent many drunken nights out together @ Cave Nightclub, trip to the Gold Coast and mostly just bumming out at his house on the Playstation and later on the Xbox!


Now the other part of the equation that makes this whole thing possible is his fiancee, Daniela who was his girlfriend from the time I met him. I've always known that they would be together and eventually get married but it wasnt until Adam told me that he was going to propose on a House Boat up in the Central Coast that I realised it's finally happening. So that was that, the engagement party rolled on at the Art House in Campbelltown which was a blast. Scully flew in from London and old faces became familiar again. Just a matter of time of when the wedding day was going to be.


Months after the engagement party I got a call from Adam one afternoon and he told me then that the wedding will be in Paris. I was shocked for about a second and then very excited at the thought of travelling to Europe for a wedding, especially "their" wedding. Due to the laws in France it was stipulated that a couple who intend to get married in Paris needs to be in the country for more than 40 days, of course this is not feasible so the wedding was moved to Ohrid, Macedonia. I've compiled as much information as I can about Orhid and Macedonia as a country which has been an interesting task and I've learned quite a few things.


So there you have it, a quite a long story cut short for your reading pleasure. This website's purpose is to keep you up to date with information of what is happening with the wedding before and after. This website also includes information about the Countries that we intend to visit while we are in Europe, I've compiled our own resources in terms of travel information and embassies information that we can refer in time of need. We have a Gallery to upload pictures, we have a basic currency exchange calculator and a very cool feature that will point you to our current location on Google Maps. We also have an mms blog which I have added recently. This will allow friends and families to take photos from the mobile phones and send it directly to the website to be posted.


As the day gets closer, more content will be added and more features will be available but for now…I'll leave you to it.


Ron Gabriel


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